All About Vietnamese Hair Factory And Their Business Secrets

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The global hair industry has a lot of potentials, particularly strong in African countries. And if you want to start a hair business or find a hair supplier for your business, don’t ignore the Vietnamese hair factory – the best source for high-quality hair at reasonable prices.


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1. Why Vietnamese hair factory is a potential business partner for your business

The hair market is becoming increasingly lucrative. A lot of people want to become hair distributors or retailers. But they are afraid that they will not be able to find good quality products, and also afraid that they will be scammed because there are many fraudulent hair factories in the hair market. And what is the best option for them? At the Vietnamese hair factory, you will get high-quality products at the most reasonable price.

1.1. Vietnamese hair factory supply high-quality products

Let’s learn about the materials and characteristics of the hair production process of the Vietnamese hair factory in the section below:

  • High-quality material: Materials from Vietnamese hair factories are carefully selected, through many stages of cleaning and selection of the highest quality hair bundles.

Vietnamese hair factory supply high-quality products

The main raw materials of the Vietnamese hair factory are taken from Vietnamese hair of women of the northern highlands, where the climate is mild and the people here usually have a healthy lifestyle. So their hair is very strong, durable, and naturally smooth, and can be styled without damage.

  • High-quality workers: The skills of workers of hair manufacturers in Vietnam are a key factor in producing high-quality hair care items. Vietnamese workers have a longstanding reputation for diligence and skillfulness. The reason for being highly skilled is because the craft village has a long history and the hardworking and meticulous nature of the Vietnamese people. Each bundle of hair from Vietnam hair factory is carefully made by the skilled hands of trained employees. The hair is also censored many times to ensure the best possible quality for customers.
  • Meticulous production process: Most hair production processes in Vietnamese hair factory are still handmade. Vietnam has craft villages that focus solely on the production and supply of hair. With the skillful hands of the people, the hair bundles are always carefully selected and produced delicately to create the most beautiful products. Today, Vietnam hair factories are focusing on improving technology innovation to optimize production steps, helping to improve output quality.

1.2. Vietnamese hair factory offer reasonable prices

Vietnamese hair belongs to the average segment in the current hair market. Moreover, with the advantage of being located in the source of raw materials, not having to import hair from other places, along with cheap labor, Vietnamese hair factory can cut input costs and bring competitive prices to customers.

1.3. Working with Vietnamese hair factory can reduce your risk

Buying hairs from Vietnamese hair factories, you will not have to face with risks that frequently saw in any wholesale hair factory in the world. As you know, Vietnam is one of the countries with the most stable political economies in the world. Therefore, when buying from Vietnam hair factory, you will not have to face difficulties in shipping or customs procedures…


Working with Vietnamese hair factory can reduce your risk

In addition, compared to countries with many other hair factories, such as China or India. The number of Vietnamese hair factories is also not much, so there will be fewer scammers in Vietnam. The origin of hair from Vietnam hair factories is also clear, so you can rest assured of buying it.

2. The best-selling and most profitable products of Vietnamese hair factory

Let’s find out the most profitable and best-selling products of Vietnam hair factories in this section.

2.1. Raw Vietnamese hair – The products that appeal to most hair retailers and distributors in the world

Raw Vietnamese hair is the best-selling product of Vietnamese hair factory and brings the highest profit:

  • The simplest definition of raw hair is hair that has been cut from donors and has not been subjected to any chemicals ( hair that has not been dyed or styled). The cuticle remains intact so the hair is guaranteed to be of the highest quality

Raw Vietnamese hair – The products that appeal to most hair retailers and distributors in the world

  • The second definition, raw Vietnamese hair refers to all types of hair that are made from 100% human hair donors and have never been processed with chemicals or heat, so their cuticles are healthy and intact. Weft hair, clip-in hair, tips, tape hair, and other products may be made from these raw hair resources. In other words, “raw Vietnamese hair” from Vietnamese hair factory simply means unprocessed, premium human hair.

Many business owners who trade raw hair have amassed billions of dollars.

  • Because Vietnamese raw hair is natural and has no chemicals, raw hair is particularly appealing to the hair industry. They may purchase it from a Vietnamese hair factory and style it or color it in response to client demand. This feature may you can’t find in other wholesale raw hair vendors in the world. Vietnamese women have a habit in taking care of their hairs without chemicals.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair is also particularly well-liked because it is less expensive to import raw hair resources and associated charges or taxes than finished items. Because of this, raw Vietnamese hair is becoming more and more popular.

2.2. Hair weft – The products loved by the people in Africa

Weft hair is a collection of hair strands that are attached to a fine strip of fabric (thread, tape) at one end. Most people use weft hair because it is safe and flexible to deal with low-density and lifeless curls.


Hair weft – The products loved by the people in Africa

Hair weft from Vietnamese hair factory is a very popular product in Africa. Because African people often have little and short hair, they often look to hair wefts to thicken and lengthen their hair. If wholesale hair vendor and retailer in Africa can find a reliable supply of high-quality hair and an appealing design, they can sell three to four times the initial price of hair weft.

2.3. Tip hair, tape hair and clip in hair – The products loved by Europeans

These types of products from Vietnamese hair factories are especially popular with Europeans. People here have long but not full hair, so they want to find products that can make their hair fuller and more bouncy.
European hair distributors and traders can make 7-8 times more profit per year from these products from Vietnam hair factory


Tip hair, tape hair and clip in hair – The products loved by Europeans

3. Some facts about the Vietnamese hair factory you must know

Here are some facts about the Vietnam hair factory you must know before buying hair from them:

  • There is very few Vietnamese hair factory, mainly trading companies. The companies you contact may claim to be factories but are in fact trading companies. Most retailers and distributors prefer to buy from hair manufacturers in Vietnam, because they have more stable quality and better prices. To find the real manufacturer, you need to research and find out carefully. And we will give you some tips to find a reliable Vietnamese hair factory in the next section.
  • Vietnam hair factories have high-quality hair sources, so it will be a bit difficult for you to negotiate the price. They will usually just keep the first price they offer. However, if you buy in bulk and become their loyal customer, they can give you a better price.


    Some facts about the Vietnamese hair factory you must know

  • Where are Vietnam hair factories concentrated? In Vietnam, there are areas where small villages are concentrated on hair production. Vietnam hair manufacturers usually has manufacturer in Bac Ninh and headquarters in Hanoi to facilitate transportation.
  • Materials: The main hair materials of Vietnamese hair factory are mostly remy hair, not virgin hair. Because virgin hair is hair taken from one donor, it is difficult to make a full wig from virgin hair. To make a full wig, it is necessary for Vietnamese hair factories to take hair from 2-3 donors. So if any hair supplier says they only provide virgin hair, they are lying.

4. How to find the reliable Vietnamese hair factory

Follow our tips below to find a reliable Vietnamese hair factory for your hair business:

  • Search for information on Vietnam hair factories on the internet, or through the recommendations of friends and relatives and filter out potential Vietnam hair factories.
  • If you have friends or relatives in Vietnam, you can ask them to come to see the factory directly. You should conduct your research before dealing with Vietnamese hair factory since there had some fraud in Vietnam regarding both the reality of the manufacturer and the payment.
  • Ask for a video call to the Vietnamese hair factory. Hair manufacturers in Vietnamwill be happy to show you their facilities, equipment, and products.


    Tips to find the reliable Vietnamese hair factory

  • Plan what you’re going to ask the hair manufacturing representative. Salespeople must be well-informed and not be afraid to answer tough questions about their products.
  • There are some questions you can ask, such as where the hair comes from, the quality of the hair, whether or not the extensions will be chemically treated, and the method used to process them.
  • Carefully check the Vietnam hair manufacturers’ return, service, and payment policies before ordering. Choose vendors that have a clear return policy to reduce risk. Additionally, it is best to choose a Vietnamese hair factory that accepts payments using PayPal. You may feel safe purchasing and pay with Paypal because of its buyer protection policy. However, in Vietnam, there are very few hair factories that accept payment via Paypal, but they have a very clear return policy.
  • If you’re still on the fence, ask them for a hair sample. Then, if you’re still not confident about the quality, start with small orders, and only when you’re completely sastisfied should you go on to greater quantities

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5. Vin Hair Vendor – The best Vietnamese hair factory with special offers now

Vin hair vendor is the best option for your business if you are a selective customer who has not yet chosen on the best Vietnamese hair factory.

5.1. About Vin Hair Vendor

Vin hair vendor is the best hair factory in Vietnam with deep industry expertise. They have been in business for more than 10 years and have received many prestigious awards both at home and abroad.


Vin Hair Vendor is the best Vietnamese hair factory

Vin hair vendor was founded not only to make a profit but also to help people gain more confidence by helping them get their best hair to enhance their beauty. Vin is the hair supplier to visit if you are looking for good quality hair at a reasonable price.

5.2. Vin Hair Vendor is a potential business partner for your business

If you’re looking for a reliable and promising wholesale and retail hair distributor, the Vin Hair Vendor is a great choice.

  • Vin hair provides a wide range of options, including hair bundles, tape-ins, tipped hair, wefts, clips, and more. Especially, the company is well-known for its high-quality weft hair at a reasonable price.
  • The hair’s origin reflects its quality. In order to provide its customers with the greatest quality, Vin Hair only derives its hair from women who live in Vietnam’s highlands, where the environment is moderate and these women have a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care.

Weft hair from Vin hair vendor


Here are best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor.


Best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor

Loose wavy hair from Vin hair vendor is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair.


Loose wavy hair from Vin hair vendor


Jerry curly weft hair products are especially loved by Nigerians.


Jerry curly hair from Vin hair vendor

Bone straight hair of Vin hair vendor is smooth, silky and shiny.


Bone straight hair of Vin hair vendor


  • They have their own factory, thus their prices are really reasonable, big orders are processed quickly, and delivery times are also very quick.
  • In particular, the company also provides Naira accounts with competitive exchange rates for the convenience of Nigerian customers. The company is constantly researching and networking to find potential exclusive agents to bring the best deals to customers here.

Vin hair vendor is an excellent partner for your business if your company’s goal is to provide its clients with beautiful, high-quality hair extensions at reasonable pricing.

5.3. Hot deal on Christmas from Vin Hair Vendor


Christmas is coming, let Vin hair vendor bring you a whole new look. Vin hair will give a discount to all customers from October 24 to November 7, orders from 5 kg and more will receive a discount of $20/kg, and orders from 10 kg and more will get a discount of $50/kg. Hurry, choose the item you like best!


Super deal from Vin Hair Vendor on Christmas season

Where else can give you a bargain like this? Do not hesitate any longer, quickly contact Vin hair vendor via Whatsapp at +84356665661 (Ms Ella – sales manager) to receive the best offer.

6. Tips to buy the high quality at best price from Vietnamese hair factory

Once you have chosen a reputable supplier, how to check the quality and get the best price from them. Let’s explore this section.

6.1. Tips to check the quality hair from Vietnamese hair factory

When making a purchase, one must always put quality first. Checking the quality of hair from Vietnam hair factories? Here are some pointers!

  • If possible, you should go directly to the Vietnamese hair factory to check the quality of the hair or ask your acquaintances to go there. The last option is to check through the video and ask the sales representative to check the hair.
  • Check with your eyes: Check the hair ends to see whether they are frizzy and ruffled; if they are, the cuticle is probably not intact. This hair will quickly become brittle and fall out.
  • Check by hands:
    • Test hair shedding: Check for hair shedding by gently combing or stroking your hair with your hands to see if any strands fall out.

Tips to check the quality hair from Vietnamese hair factory

    • Check hair color: Use your hands to stroke your hair a few times to see if the hair color sticks to your hands, if so, it is likely that this hair color will fade quickly.

You should not choose hair products from Vietnamese hair factory that have been dyed before because products that have been dyed are likely to be mixed with other poor-quality hair types, it will be difficult to check the quality when has already been dyed.

    • Check cuticle: If the hair feels silky and smooth as you run your hands down the shaft, the cuticle remains intact. Then run your fingers backward from the hair bundle’s ends to its roots; if you feel any roughness or resistance, the cuticle has been broken.

6.2. Tips to get a good deal from Vietnamese hair factory

In this part, we will give you some tips for getting the best deal from Vietnamese hair factory:

  • Contact the hair manufacturers in Vietnam after doing some research: You need to know about the product’s quality, price range, factory location, hair origin, and business representatives’ contact details. You can get in touch with many businesses, get quotes from each, and choose the one that provides the best price.
  • Ask prices for different order sizes: The best Vietnamese hair factory will offer you the most competitive bulk price. You can ask for prices from many Vietnamese hair factories, and then compare those quotes. Do not say the fact that their rivals are providing a lower price in your negotiations with them, it doesn’t work.

Tips to get a good deal from Vietnamese hair factory

  • After doing all ways of the price negotiation with a Vietnamese hair factory, you should not hurry to finalize the order with the supplier. Tell them that “this price I need to think more”, “I need to consult your boss, consult the customers”… and let them wait.
  • You can contact many salespeople from the same Vietnam hair manufacturers, as each employee may offer different incentives. From there you will choose the best offer.
  • After you’ve settled on pricing you are satisfied, don’t forget to inquire about the time of production. For instance, if a Vietnamese hair factory producing raw hair gives you 5-7 days, ask them for a clear commitment and follow through to assure timely delivery. Having this information will be useful in resolving issues that may arise down the road if they make a mistake.

7. Top 5 best Vietnamese hair factory for your business

If you are still having trouble finding reputable Vietnamese hair factory, you can refer to the list of reputable Vietnam hair factories that we have selected listed below.

7.1. Layla Hair – Where you can buy Vietnam hair with confidence

Hair extensions from Layla Hair are of the best quality and are cared for with the utmost attention to detail, helping you to completely transform your look.

  • Products: hair bundles, hair weave, hair wigs, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, women toppers, and men toupee.

Layla Hair – Where you can buy Vietnam hair with confidence

  • Price: very competitive. Closure&bundles cost between 71 and 330 USD each product.
  • Policy: Return and exchange policy in effect for 2 days
  • Feedback: many good comments

Layla Hair is a fantastic Vietnamese hair factory if you’re looking for high-quality Vietnamese hair.

7.2. Jen hair – The Vietnamese hair factory that you can buy Vietnamese hair at reasonable prices

From its beginnings as a small store, Jen Hair has grown to become one of the most successful hair manufacturers in Vietnam.

  • Products: hair wefts, hair extensions, closures, and frontals…. Jen Hair is well-known for its popular line of curly hair products.

Jen hair – The Vietnamese hair factory that you can buy Vietnamese hair at reasonable prices

  • Price: Jen Hair offers affordable rates for premium goods.
  • Policy: accept returns and exchanges
  • Feedback: many positive feedback

Jen Hair is one of the greatest Vietnam hair factories and your best bet for purchasing premium Vietnamese hair.

7.3. Mic Hair – One of the best Vietnamese hair factory

Mic Hair is a leading provider of wholesale Asian human raw hair and is well regarded as a top Vietnamese hair supplier.


Mic Hair – One of the best Vietnamese hair factory

  • Price: Although pricey, it is definitely worthwhile. Starting at 7.7$/ bundle
  • Service: return within 30 days.

Mic Hair is a fantastic Vietnam hair manufacturers to deal with if you’re looking for high-quality hair and excellent service.

7.4. Cyhair – The reliable Vietnamese hair factory

Cyhair, based in Vietnam, is a leading Vietnam manufacturer of high-quality human hair products with a broad range of clients that has supported the company for many years.

  • Products: This Vietnamese hair factory offers bone straight hair, bulk hair, closures and frontals, tape in hair, tip hair.

Cyhair – The reliable Vietnamese hair factory

  • Price: Wholesale prices for single-drawn, straight Remy hair range from $93 to $430 per kilogram ( length from 8-26inch)
  • Policy: Products can be returned or exchanged within 15 days.

Cyhair is an excellent Vietnam hair manufacturer for you to go with, and they will do all in their power to fulfill your needs in this area.

7.5. 5S Hair – One of the best Vietnamese hair factory with reasonable price

When it comes to Vietnam hair factories, 5S Hair is an excellent option, and they are able to fulfill all of your requirements.

  • Products: bone straight hair, hair weft, clip in hair, hair bundles, blonde hair extensions…

5S Hair – One of the best hair manufacturers in Vietnam with reasonable price

  • Price: This Vietnamese hair factory offers very reasonable prices, with bundles of raw Vietnamese hair starting at about $9 in price.
  • Service: You have 2 days to return or exchange products.

You can purchase Vietnamese hair from 5S Hair with complete peace of mind ensuring that it is of exceptional quality and is priced affordably.

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