Incredible Raw Hair Wigs Facts You Must Know Before Buying

Update: 20/12/2022

The trend of wearing raw hair wigs continues to rise in popularity. However, there are still many concerns and misunderstandings about raw hair wigs. Let’s check out this article and find out more about raw hair wigs.


Incredible Raw Hair Wigs Facts You Must Know Before Buying

1. What is raw hair wig

A raw hair wig is a type of head covering made from raw hair which is the most natural, pure, and unprocessed human hair. People who have thin, short hair or who want to hide their natural hair often use raw hair wigs.

2. The high demand for raw hair wigs

Currently, the demand for raw hair wig is becoming more and more popular, especially in African countries, namely Nigeria. Because wigs are easy to use and convenient, you can apply and remove them whenever you want. You can also buy raw human hair wigs and dye and style them as you like. Raw hair wigs are most popular in African countries, especially Nigeria because people here often have short, thin, and slightly curly natural hair, so they wear wigs to get the desired hairstyle.


The high demand for raw hair wigs

For hair traders and wholesalers, raw hair wigs bring huge profits because they usually only need to import raw hair bundles and then add some processing steps to create raw hair wigs. Their raw hair wigs can help them earn 4-6 times more than their capital.

3. Where you can buy high-quality raw hair wigs

Here are some countries that are famous for raw hair wigs. Each type of wig from different countries has different pros and cons. Let’s take a look below.

3.1. Vietnamese raw hair wigs – High-quality hair at a reasonable price

Vietnamese raw human hair wigs are famous for their high quality, clear origin and reasonable price

  • Vietnamese hair wigs have a clear origin: Vietnamese raw hair wigs are derived from unprocessed hair of women living in the high mountains, the hair cuticle is still intact and so all hairs go in the same direction.
  • Vietnamese raw hair wigs have high-quality hair: Vietnamese raw hair wigs are famous for their strength, and durability, can be styled and dyed well. In particular, it can hold curls for a long time and can be bleached to the lightest color tone like 613 color. Thanks to this property, Vietnamese raw hair wigs are very popular, especially in African countries

Vietnamese raw hair wigs – High-quality hair at a reasonable price

  • The production and technology of Vietnamese hair factories: The technology and machinery of Vietnamese hair factories are not as modern and developed as China’s. Moreover, wigs are products that require high technology, so there are very few hair factories producing wigs in Vietnam, mainly Vietnamese hair suppliers sell hair bundles to factories elsewhere and then they will make wigs for the market.


  • Although Vietnamese raw hair wigs are of high quality they are absolutely reasonably priced. Vietnamese raw human hair wigs made from raw hair bundles bring huge profits to distributors and retailers worldwide. To make a set of Vietnamese raw hair wigs will require about 3-5 hair bundles that cost about 30-50 USD but then 1 set of Vietnamese raw hair wigs sell for about 100-150 USD.

If you are looking for raw human hair wigs with high quality and affordable price, Vietnamese raw human hair wigs are a great choice for you.

3.2. Cambodian raw hair wigs – Good quality hair at a good price

Cambodian raw hair wigs are also becoming more popular in today’s hair market because of their good quality and reasonable price.

  • Cambodian raw hair wigs are sourced from local impoverished women who have a tradition of growing long hair and often care for their hair with natural herbs.
  • Cambodian raw human hair wigs have a slightly naturally curly texture, so they are suitable for curly, wavy hairstyles. The hair is quite thick, strong and can be dyed and bleached well. However, the longest length of Cambodian raw hair wigs is usually only about 28 inches.

Cambodian raw hair wigs – Good quality hair at a good price

  • The technology in Cambodian hair factories is not yet modern and the machinery is still rudimentary, so there are very few wig manufacturers here, mainly selling hair bundles to make wigs.
  • The price of Cambodian raw hair wigs is in the average segment of the hair market, on par with the price of Vietnamese hair and the quality is worth it.

Cambodian raw hair wigs are the ideal choice because of their affordable price and good quality.

3.3. Indian raw hair wigs – Abundant supply with cheap price

When it comes to hair extensions and wigs, it is impossible not to mention India – a country famous for its cheap hair products.

  • Indian raw hair wigs are derived from Temple hair. Temple hair is hair taken from Indian temples – where people have the custom of shaving their heads to pay respect to the gods.
  • The quality of Indian raw hair wigs is not very appreciated because Indian raw hair is inherently dry and naturally a bit curly, so it is difficult to style and care for. Before styling, it needs to be straightened thus weakening the hair.

Indian raw hair wigs – Abundant supply with cheap price

  • Technology and machinery in Indian hair manufacturers are still backward, most of which are manual labor. Therefore in India, there are also very few factories producing wigs, raw Indian hair is mainly exported to China for processing and making wigs.
  • Indian raw hair wigs have the cheapest price among wigs on the market due to abundant supply, cheap labor and not very high quality. And you should also keep in mind that price goes hand in hand with quality.

If you want to buy wigs at cheap price, Indian hair wigs is a good choice for you. However, you should remember that quality goes hand in hand.

3.4. Chinese raw hair wigs – Abundant supply with competitive price

China is famous as a country with high technology and modern machinery, so it can produce many wig products in large quantities in a short time.

  • China does not have raw hair, most Chinese hair products are processed to create eye-catching beauty. Chinese raw hair wigs products are sourced from other countries, mainly Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia…), Brazil and India…

Chinese raw hair wigs – Abundant supply with competitive price

  • The technology and machinery in Chinese hair manufacturers are very modern, they can mass-produce products in large quantities in a short time. Some hair factories also mix human hair with synthetic hair, but due to high technology, it is difficult to detect.
  • The price of Chinese raw hair wigs has many segments but overall it is very competitive in price. Chinese hair wigs originating from Southeast Asian countries are of higher quality, so the price will be more expensive, and conversely, Chinese raw hair wigs originating from Brazil and India are cheaper.

If you want to buy raw hair wigs in bulk, Chinese raw hair wigs is the ideal choice.

4. How to check the quality of raw hair wigs

How can you buy high-quality raw human hair wigs? Let’s check out some of our hair-checking tips below:

  • Check by hand:
    • To test the hair shedding: Ask the salesperson to use a comb or brush by hand to see if any hair falls out, and to see if it is easy to comb.
    • For color of raw hair wigs: Ask the salesperson to stroke the hair bundle to see if the color sticks to his hand. Hair color can fade quickly if color remains on hand.
    • With curly raw hair wigs: Check if the curls are even, there is a lot of glue, ask the sales to comb the hair to see if the hair is easy to comb, if there are any strands that fall out when combing

Ask the sales to comb the hair to see if the hair is easy to comb, if there are any strands that fall out when combing

  • Check by eyes:
    • Look closely at the ends of the hair to see if the hair is frizzy or ruffled. If it has, it’s possible that this cuticle is broken and this is not 100% raw hair, this hair will quickly become weak and break off.
    • Check the lace of raw hair wigs: Carefully see the lace to see whether it is damaged or torn.
    • Check the cap: Check the cap thoroughly to see whether the clasp is dangling or the stitching is loose.
    • Check hair length: It is also important to check the length of the raw hair wigs. You should check and look carefully at the longest part to ensure it meets your needs.
  • Smell test ( you can test with hair sample): Raw hair will have a natural clean smell because it has not been subjected to any chemical treatment. If the hair has an unusual or chemical smell, it is not high-quality raw hair.

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5. How to take care of raw hair wigs

It’s not enough to have basic information about raw hair wigs. To keep it looking shiny and new, you’ll have to know how to maintain it. The following are some recommendations for caring for your raw human hair wigs:

  • What to avoid when caring for raw hair wigs:
    • Avoid sulfates and alcoholic hair products to maintain your hair healthy. These substances may dry out your hair, causing frizz and roughness.
    • Avoid heat tools: If you frequently use a hair dryer or other style equipment on your raw hair wig, it will dry out and get damaged. You should avoid using heat tools on your hair as much as possible and go for hairstyles that don’t need them.

What to avoid when caring for raw hair wigs

    • Avoid the harsh sun: Raw hair wigs are made of 100% human hair so it is also like your real hair. The more sun it gets, the weak and dry it will become. So, to protect your hair while you’re outside, wear a hat.
  • What to do for caring for raw hair wigs:
    • Choose suitable haircare products: Always look for products that use mild and all-natural ingredients. Moisturizing and nourishing raw hair wigs is easy with these products.
    • Wash hair properly: Your wig doesn’t need regular washings. Even if you wear it every day, you can get away with washing it twice a week. If you just plan on wearing it once or twice a month, washing it once a month should be enough. Alternatively, you may assess its current state to see whether it is dirty or oily and therefore requires cleaning.

What to do for caring for raw hair wigs

    • Cover and store your raw hair wigs in a secure place: Wigs should be stored in a mannequin or on a hanger when they are not being worn to prevent them from becoming tangled and to keep them in an upright posture. And keep it covered to prevent dust from getting in.

Follow the guidelines above to keep your raw hair wigs looking gorgeous and healthy.

6. Some suggestions of top hair vendors for high-quality raw hair wigs at a reasonable price

We have compiled a list of reliable hair vendors so you don’t have to waste time hunting to buy high-quality raw human hair wigs.

6.1. Vin hair vendor – The best hair factory in Vietnam sells raw hair wigs

Customers have faith in Vin Hair vendor because of their consistent high quality and excellent service.

  • The hair bundles, hair weft, clip-in, and tape-in hair products sold by Vin hair vendors are well-known. They also make raw hair wigs according to the customer’s request.

Vin hair vendor – The best hair factory in Vietnam sells raw hair wigs

  • They only use high-quality Vietnamese raw hair in all of their products; they never use any synthetic hair or hair from any other source.
  • Since they have a factory located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, they can offer competitive prices in the market to customers. With large orders they also have many special discounts and offers

Come to Vin hair vendor; they will satisfy you no matter how fastidious you are.

6.2. Unice hair – A reliable hair factory in China that offers raw hair wigs

Famous Chinese hair manufacturer Unice has many retail locations all over the globe.

  • Products: human hair bundles, raw hair wigs, headband wigs, lace front wigs,, HD lace wigs…

Unice hair – A reliable hair factory in China offers raw hair wigs

  • Price: very reasonable when compared to other hair suppliers in China
  • Policy: Return and exchange are within 30 days

If you’re looking for a high-quality hair factory in China, you shouldn’t overlook Unice. They have excellent goods and service.

6.3. Angkor Cambodian Hair – The most popular Cambodian raw hair wigs supplier

In terms of price and quality, Angkor Cambodian Hair is among the top places to buy raw hair wigs.

  • Products: Their products are available in a variety of styles and designs, not only have wigs but also have tape-in, clip-in, and hair bundles…

Angkor Cambodian Hair – The most popular Cambodian raw hair wigs supplier

  • Scale: This Cambodian raw hair provider concentrates on meeting the requirements of small and medium-sized wholesalers (1–20 kg for 1 order).
  • Prices: The price of raw hair wigs is very reasonable for high-quality hair. They have many special discounts for large orders.

If you’re seeking top-quality raw Cambodian hair, go to Angkor Cambodian Hair.

6.4. Indique – Top the best raw hair wigs vendors in India

After 14 years in operation, Indique has earned a solid standing among its competitors.

  • Products: For Indique, hair transparency is of utmost importance. For their raw hair wigs, they only take hair from 3 temples in India which have a strong relationship of cooperation with them.

Indique – Top the best raw hair wigs vendors in India

  • Price: Although the price is quite expensive, customers may be certain that they will get the highest level of quality and service from Indique.
  • Service: You have 30 days after your purchase date to return the products. Any requests for returns or exchanges must be submitted no later than 7 days from the purchase date.

If you have a sizable budget, a well-defined business plan, and clients willing to pay a high price, Indique is among the best Indian raw hair wigs sellers you can work with.




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