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Update: 02/02/2023

Besides the hair factories in China and India, Vietnamese hair suppliers are becoming more and more popular and famous for providing high-quality products at affordable prices. This article will give you all the information you need to know about them.

1. Something you must know about Vietnamese hair suppliers

In recent days, the world hair industry is growing rapidly, which leads to more and more countries participating in this fertile market. Vietnam is one of the first countries to set foot in this market and Vietnamese hair suppliers have received the attention of many resellers.

Vietnamese hair suppliers are individuals or groups of individuals or businesses that supply hair products to the hair market. Most hair suppliers in Vietnam are individual groups formed by 2-3 moderators. Hair products supplied by Vietnamese hair suppliers are popular and have the potential for the hair industry.


Hair products supplied by Vietnamese hair suppliers are popular and have the potential for the hair industry

Vietnamese hair suppliers get hair from high quality origin, so the hair products have outstanding characteristics and quality.

  • Vietnamese hair suppliers supply high-quality products thanks to high-quality hair materials. Hair is taken from 100% Vietnamese women living in the mountains and highlands, where the climate is mild, the hair grows healthy, shiny and cared for with natural herbs, avoiding chemicals. Almost the oldest hair businessman in the world agreed raw Vietnamese hair is the best choice. They always looking for raw Vietnamese hair vendor who can supply high-quality raw Vietnamese hair to be their partner.
  • Hair products from raw Vietnamese hair vendors are mainly Remy hair (hair from 2-3 donors) which is carefully selected so that there is a certain similarity in hair quality and color, in order to bring the best quality products, unlike hair in other countries is taken from 5 – 10 donors.

Origin reflects the quality. With a clear and high-quality source, Vietnamese hair suppliers’ hair products are increasingly loved and sought after.

1.2. Vietnamese hair suppliers provide products with outstanding characteristics and quality

Vietnamese hair suppliers get hair from high quality origin, so the hair products have outstanding characteristics and quality:

  • Vietnamese human hair suppliers offer hair products made of raw Vietnamese hair which are strong, shiny, soft, and smooth thanks to a hair care routine with natural herbal and without chemicals, the diet and the natural characteristics of Vietnamese people.
  • Because natural hair materials are inherently straight and smooth, Vietnam human hair suppliers’ hair products are very flexible in styling and coloring. After styling the hair still retains its strength.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers’ hair products are very durable, can last from 5-8 years with good care. Unlike hair products in other countries, which quickly break off and only last 6-10 months.

With the above features and outstanding quality, buying from Vietnamese hair suppliers will definitely not disappoint you.


Vietnamese hair suppliers provide products with outstanding characteristics and quality

1.3. Type of Vietnamese hair suppliers

There are two types of human hair suppliers in Vietnam: factories and commercial companies. Most Vietnamese hair suppliers claim to be direct hair factories but they are in fact commercial companies. In Vietnam, there are very few factories, only about 4-5 factories, the rest are commercial companies.

  • The factory is a direct hair production facility, they have factories, machinery, tools and equipment, and highly skilled workers to produce hair.
  • The commercial companies are actually hair distributors or sellers. They buy hair products from hair factories and sell them to smaller distributors or provide them directly to consumers.

Buy from each type of Vietnamese hair supplier will have different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Hair factories often have more stable hair quality because they can control the quality of inputs, and their product price is also cheaper because they don’t go through any intermediaries. However, because this type of Vietnamese hair supplier only focuses on production, the steps related to marketing, customer care, and support after purchase will not be as professional and meticulous as those of commercial companies.
  • In contrast, commercial companies have to buy hair from hair factories so hair quality can vary depending on the time, and be unstable, maybe they buy hair from many Vietnamese hair suppliers so the hair quality is also different. Their price is also more expensive because they are commercial intermediaries. However, they also often have many incentive programs. They will have more professional customer service than factories, staff are always enthusiastic and ready to answer questions for customers.

Depending on the needs and situation of your business, you can choose the type of Vietnamese hair supplier suitable for your company that helps your company achieve more profits.


There are two types of Vietnamese hair suppliers: factories and commercial companies

2. Popular and advantageous products of Vietnamese hair suppliers

Vietnamese hair suppliers provide diverse products, outstanding quality, and great economic potential, attracting and satisfying many customers no matter how difficult they may be.

2.1. Popular products of Vietnamese hair suppliers

Vietnamese hair suppliers provide a wide variety of product lines, but the most popular and outstanding are the products: raw hair bundles, weft hair, clip-in, tape-in, tip-in.

  • Raw hair bundles: Hair after being collected will be bundled into bundles. Wholesalers love this product because it retains the strong points of Vietnamese hair, which is unprocessed hair, so they can buy it and add some processing steps to create the desired hairstyle and provide it to customers.
  • Hair weft: Weft hair is a bundle of hair strands that have been stitched or taped onto a thin cloth strip. Weft hair is often used since it is convenient, versatile, and safe for working with thin, short hair. In Africa, weft hair from Vietnamese hair suppliers is a very popular product. Africans often have thin and short hair, so they often use weft hair to have long, thick hair instantly.
  • Clip in, Tape in, Tip in: These products from Vietnamese hair suppliers are particularly well-liked by Europeans. People in this area have long but thin hair so they want to find hair products that will add thickness and bounce.  And they also pay special attention to quality, so they look for tape in, tip in, clip in hair products made from high-quality Vietnamese hair.

In addition, Vietnamese hair suppliers also have a wide range of other products to meet and serve the needs of customers in many different regions.


Products of Vietnamese hair suppliers

2.2. Advantages when buying products from Vietnamese hair suppliers

Working with Vietnamese hair suppliers you will get high-quality hair at reasonable prices, they will bring many advantages and economic potential for your business:

  • Vietnam human hair suppliers provide high-quality products. Most Vietnamese hair suppliers are trading companies, so they select input products and then sell them to customers.
  • Unlike hair factories, Vietnam human hair suppliers still offer small orders (minimum only from 0.5 kg, while the factory requires from 5 kg) and provide samples to customers.
  • Most Vietnamese hair suppliers are groups of individuals, so their customers are not so diverse so they can take better care of their customers.

With the above advantages, a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier is definitely a potential partner for your business.


Advantages when buying products from Vietnamese hair suppliers

3. Tips to find a reliable Vietnamese hair supplier

There are two ways to help you find reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers that provide high-quality products. You can find them through the traditional way or through Internet.

3.1. Find reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers through the traditional way

You can ask Vietnamese embassies to find reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers. However, you will have to pay a fee for them. Or you can ask relatives in Vietnam to come directly to Vietnam human hair suppliers to check the reliability. This will be the safest way, to help you find a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier but it will cost a fee.

3.2. Find a reputable Vietnam human hair supplier on the Internet

The second way, you can find a reputable Vietnam human hair supplier with the support of today’s modern Internet technology:

  • The first thing to do is to make a list of hair suppliers in Vietnam who manufacture your in-need items by searching the items’ names on Google or social media. You can type keywords like “reputable Vietnamese hair supplier, hair suppliers in Vietnam, Vietnam human hair supplier”. The top results will usually be large and reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers, however you should ignore the ones that appear at the top due to advertising.
  • The second step is to filter out the dependable Vietnamese hair suppliers with some suggested tips: Check whether the Vietnamese hair supplier is a real hair factory in Vietnam or not by checking its address on google maps. This address must be actual with the company’s name pinned on the maps. A trustworthy hair factory in Vietnam should publish specific information about the business, details on products, pricing, policies on a professional website. Searching for customers’ feedback about human hair suppliers in Vietnam on the Internet, Youtube, Facebook…to exclude Vietnam hair suppliers that receive bad comments
  • Carefully look over the relevant policies about payment, warranty and return. It will be risky if the Vietnamese hair supplier doesn’t have a clear payment and warranty policy and does not accept returns
  • It is a fact that many Vietnam hair suppliers today are not manufacturers but only trading intermediaries. A hair factory in Vietnam will give you a better price and more stable quality. You can request the Vietnamese hair supplier for an immediate video call to determine whether it’s a commercial factory or a commercial supplier. The manufacturer can show you the factory instantly.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers who dodge your questions about product quality but always urge your payment should be excluded from the list.

The above tips can not help you avoid 100% scammers, but partly minimize the risk of being scammed by unreputable Vietnamese hair suppliers.


How to find a reliable Vietnamese hair supplier

4. Some tips get a good deal from Vietnamese hair suppliers

After making a short list of trustworthy human hair suppliers in Vietnam. They may give you different prices and mese hair suppliers, the next thing to do is dealing with Vietnamese hair vendors to give you reasonable prices that fit your budget by some recommended tips:

  • Deal with different sales from the same Vietnamese hair supplier. They may give you different prices and one of them may give you the best price.
  • If you claim that the Vietnamese hair supplier’s price is significantly higher than that of other Wholesale Hair Supplier, they are unlikely to adjust their pricing. Instead, show goodwill to return for future bulk orders if the wholesale hair supplier can you a reasonable price
  • Suggest the Vietnamese hair supplier offer you the wholesale price for large quantities. Even when you do not intend to purchase in bulk for the first time, Vietnam human hair suppliers can still give you a trial discount.
  • Hair suppliers in Vietnam usually have incentive programs for loyal buyers, so loyal to 1 or 2 Vietnamese hair suppliers to get better deals.

The above ways can help you get a good deal from Vietnamese hair suppliers. You can still get high quality hair at the most affordable and affordable price.


Some tips get a good deal from Vietnamese hair suppliers

To save time searching, here are some reliable Vietnam human hair suppliers who are highly appreciated by consumers around the world thanks to high quality products and competitive prices.

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor – The top 1 Vietnamese hair supplier has the best offer for your business

Vin Hair Vendor has a factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam and has been in the hair industry for over a decade. Their mission is to provide the best quality, price, and service to customers both at domestic and internationally.


Vin Hair Vendor is the best Vietnamese hair supplier


Vin hair products


Clip in hair extensions from Vin hair vendor


Big curly weft hair from Vin hair vendor is especially popular in Nigeria.


Big curly weft hair from Vin hair vendor

Bone straight weft hair from Vin hair vendor is smooth, silky and shiny.


Bone straight weft hair from Vin hair vendor

Hair bundles of Vin hair vendor is one of the most purchased products by hair distributors and retailers.


Hair bundles of Vin hair vendor


If you are a wholesaler or distributor in the hair market and are looking to buy high-quality Vietnamese hair at a competitive price, Vin hair vendor is a smart choice for your business.

Merry Christmas and Get Sweet Bargains!

If you want a fresh appearance for Christmas, visit a Vin hair vendor. With a HOT DEAL, customers may save $20/kg on purchases of 5 kg or more and $50/kg on orders of 10 kg or more during the promotional period of October 24 through November 7. Pick your favorite new product right now to get the best price.


Vin Hair Vendor Christmas Special Offer

Don’t hesitate, contact to Ms Ella, manager of Vin hair vendor through Whatsapp at +84356665661 to get the best offer today.

5.2. Mic Hair – Top best-reviewed Vietnamese hair supplier

Mic Hair is a Vietnamese hair supplier which has specialized in the global trade of raw hair, virgin hair and human hair Asian for over 10 years.

  • Products: bulk hair, closure and frontal in various colors and lengths
  • Price: from 7.7$ /100gr bulk hair and from $12.9/100gr other types
  • Relevant policy: Returns are accepted within 30 days from receipt. For customized products, exchanges and returns are not accepted
  • Customer Reviews: Mic Hair receives many good feedbacks from customers. Most of them are satisfied with hair extensions of Mic Hair and believe that prices are commensurate with the quality

Mic Hair – Top best-reviewed Vietnamese hair supplier

5.3. 5S Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers

If you’re searching for a high-quality Vietnamese hair supplier, 5S Hair Factory is one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers can meet your requirements.

  • Main products: most types of hair extensions such as weft hair, raw bulk hair, wavy curly pixie,…exclude wigs
  • Price: in low segment price in Vietnam as well as in the global market. From 8.8$ for 100gr 8’’ natural straight hair.
  • Relevant policy: Claims must be made within 2 days of receipt, returns and exchanges are accepted with specific terms
  • Customer Reviews: 5S Hair is of the top Vietnam Hair suppliers which receives many positive feedbacks in 5S Hair Vietnam Reviews about their service and policy. Long shipping time is their minus point.

5S Hair is regarded as the best hair factory in Vietnam by many experience customers worldwide.


5S Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers

5.4. MCSARA – one of the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers

Established in the 1990s, MCSARA is one of the first and largest hair suppliers in Vietnam with good quality and reasonable price.

  • Main products: Weft hair, clip in, tape in, tip in, wigs
  • Price: reasonable, from 9.8$ for 100gr 8’’ natural straight hair
  • Relevant policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted
  • Customer Reviews: Hair extensions provided by MCSARA Vietnamese hair supplier satisfy many customers worldwide. However, international shipping is not smooth leading to long delivery time.

MCSARA – one of the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers

5.5. K-Hair – one of the first Vietnamese hair suppliers

With many years of experience in the world hair extensions industry, K-hair is one of the most well-known Vietnamese hair suppliers.

  • Main products: raw hair, weft hair (bone straight, wavy, curly, closure & frontal)
  • Price: A bit more expensive, from 11.4$ for 100gr 6’’ natural straight hair
  • Relevant policy: Returns & Exchanges are accepted only when claims are made within 2 days of receipt and the goods meet specific terms
  • Customer reviews: The hair quality is good, but the minus point of this Vietnamese hair vendor is that the hair has a strong and pungent smell.

These is all honest K-Hair Vietnam Reviews to help you checking whether they are scammer or their quality of hair is good or not. In conclusion, K-Hair is a commercial factory that is not a scammer and their quality is quite unstable because of the difference in material of each order.


K-Hair – one of the first Vietnamese hair suppliers

5.6. AZ Hair – where to buy Vietnamese hair at reasonable prices

AZ Hair, with more than 15 years of experience in the hair extensions industry, is among the most dependable Vietnamese hair suppliers.

  • Main products: bulk hair, weft hair, closure & frontal
  • Price: competitive, from 11.8$ for 100gr 8’’ bundle
  • Relevant policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted if claims are made within 72 hours of receipt, except for incorrect selection in items, sizes, addresses, designs, etc.

AZ Hair Vietnam Reviews: Az hair is a Vietnam Hair vendor which is highly appreciated by customers for its good quality and excellent service. However, dyed hair of AZ Hair sometimes makes customers unsatisfied with the color.


AZ Hair – one of the most reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers

5.7. Pricing comparison between Vietnamese hair suppliers

Price is a factor that takes much notice of resellers besides hair quality. The article will list the prices of some types of hair given by Vietnamese hair factories so you have an overview of the prices offered by these suppliers.

Mic Hair 5S Hair MCSARA K-hair AZ Hair
Natural straight (for 100gr – 10’’) From 20.8$ From 13.5$ From 14.7$ From 13.6$ From 24$
Wavy (100gr – 10’’) From 22$ From 17$ From 15.2$ From 16.1$ From 28$
Deep Curly (100gr – 10’’) From 25.5$ From 19$ From 16$ From 18.1$ From 29.5$

Through the article, hope you will find a suitable Vietnamese hair supplier which perfectly meets your quality and price requirements.

Source: Vin Hair Vendor – The Best Choice For Your Hair Business

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