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You’ve been selling hair for a long time and want to switch to a better hair supplier, or you’re new to the hair industry and want to find reliable ones for your business supplying the highest quality at reasonable prices? Then the Vietnamese hair vendors can be your best option.


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1. Why should you choose to buy hair from Vietnamese hair vendors

Are Vietnam hair vendors suitable for your requirements and is Vietnamese hair worth it? Let’s take a look.

1.1. Vietnamese hair vendors supply high-quality products

Vietnamese hair vendors have long been famous for supplying high quality hair extensions:

  • Vietnamese hair vendor use high quality raw materials resulting in high quality products:
    • Products supplied by Vietnamese hair vendors are made 100% from Vietnamese human hair which has outstanding features that are black, smooth, strong and shiny thanks to natural characteristics and hair care routine with natural ingredients of Vietnamese people.
    • Besides, Vietnamese hair is rarely exposed to chemicals so the products of Vietnam hair vendors have a long lifespan, from 10-15 years with proper hair care routine.

Vietnamese hair vendors supply high-quality products

  • Vietnamese hair vendors have skillful workers to make beautiful products: Vietnam has joined the world hair market quite early, so there are very skilled workers, even in the North of Vietnam, there are some traditional villages specializing in the production of hair extensions.
    These skillful workers can do many difficult wavy and curly styles and can dye all colors requested by customers, including color 613.

Vietnamese hair vendors have skillful workers to make beautiful products:

With high quality raw materials and skillful workers, Vietnamese hair vendors can supply the word hair market with hair products of the highest quality segment in the world.

1.2. Vietnamese hair vendors offer affordable prices

Vietnamese hair vendors often have factories located in raw material areas, so shipping costs can be reduced. Moreover, with low labor costs, they can offer competitive prices.
With the same price, the quality you get when buying from Vietnamese hair vendors will be better than buying from other countries.

1.3. Buying Vietnamese hair vendors is less risky than buying from other countries

When buying hair from international wholesale hair vendors, you will face many risks: being scammed (make payment but not receive goods, batch and switch,…) or goods being held by customs,…. However, this possibility is minimized when you buy from Vietnamese hair vendors.

  • Vietnam hair vendors are not as many as Chinese hair vendors or Indian hair vendors, so it’s easier to control the quality and the probability of you encountering scammers is lower.

Buying Vietnamese hair vendors is less risky than buying from other countries

  • Vietnam has a stable political situation and policies to promote exports, so the risk of goods being held by customs is extremely low.

2. Some advantageous products of Vietnamese hair vendors

If Chinese hair vendors have an advantage in hair wigs, then the advantage of Vietnamese hair vendors in the world hair market are bulk hair and hair wefts products.

2.1. Bulk hair from Vietnamese hair vendors is so sought after in the world hair market

Customers around the world decide to choose Vietnamese bulk hair because:

  • Vietnamese raw (bulk) hair is Vietnamese human hair that has not gone through any processing procedure. It means that raw Vietnamese hair has not been exposed to heat or any toxic chemicals.

Bulk hair from Vietnamese hair vendors is so sought after in the world hair market

It still retains the characteristics of Vietnamese hair which are soft, smooth and strong. So, you can be able to create any style and dye any color on Vietnamese bulk hair without leaving too much impact on the health of the hair.

  • Moreover, import and export tax for Vietnamese bulk hair is very low so it’s really in line with international trade.
  • Because there is no need for any processing, Vietnamese hair vendors often have bulk hair in stock or can prepare large quantities in a short time.
  • European customers really love this product because with their modern equipment, it is easy for them to create their favorite hairstyles with Vietnamese raw hair.

2.2. Vietnamese hair weft supplying by Vietnamese hair vendors is popular thanks to its high quality

Vietnamese hair weft is the most popular type of Vietnamese hair worldwide:

  • Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension, also known as Vietnamese Weave Hair Extension, is a collection of hair strands attracted to a fine cloth. Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is sewn in layers with your natural hair to make it fuller and longer.

Vietnamese hair weft supplying by Vietnamese hair vendors is popular thanks to its high quality

  • Vietnamese hair wefts are made from raw Vietnamese hair vendors which is carefully selected to have the greatest similarity in hair quality, so can be dyed and bleached to beautiful colors. Vietnamese hair weft, even though it has undergone processing procedures, still retains its lustrous shine and inherent durability.
  • Vietnamese hair vendors provide hair wefts which can meet the requirements of customers all over the world for quality and styles. Vietnamese bone straight hair weft, especially tape in and tip in, in natural black or blonde color is so sought after in the European market and similar for Vietnamese curly hair weft in the African market.

3. Some facts about Vietnamese hair vendors you may not know before

The following things may be useful for you when buying from Vietnamese hair vendors:

3.1. Vietnamese hair vendors exist in 2 forms: commercial hair vendors and manufacturing hair vendors


Vietnamese hair vendors exist in 2 forms: commercial hair vendors and manufacturing hair vendors

Most Vietnam hair vendors are commercial hair vendors. They import goods from manufacturing hair vendors and sell them at a higher price to make a profit. So, if you want to get the best price from Vietnamese hair vendors, it’s best to look for the real manufacturing hair vendor.

There’s a hint for you to differentiate manufacturing vs commercial hair vendors: request a surprise video call with the factory staff. If they can show the factory with workers, equipment and products, it is a manufacturing one, and vice versa.

3.2. Where Vietnamese hair vendors are mainly located

Currently, Vietnamese hair vendors have factories concentrated in industrial parks in Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Thanh Hoa,…provinces and sales offices in Hanoi. So, if you want to visit hair factories directly, you should go to these provinces.

3.3. Raw materials for Vietnamese hair vendors are mostly remy hair

Vietnamese hair vendors currently use remy hair as the main material:

  • Currently, many Vietnamese hair vendors sell virgin hair products, but in reality, this is just for marketing.
    Vietnamese wavy hair
  • Products bearing the virgin hair label are actually remy hair because virgin hair is very rare nowadays and one person’s hair will not be enough to make a complete hair weft or wig product.
  • This remy hair is carefully selected for high quality and the greatest similarity so it has nearly the same quality as virgin hair.

4. How to avoid being scammed by unreliable Vietnamese hair vendors

The number of scammers in Vietnam is not much but you still have to be careful. How to find a hair vendor? Let’s take a look at how to avoid Vietnamese hair vendors that are scammers:

  • Be Wary of Fake Photos: When the company and products’ photos appear to be too good, it could be a scam. Look for Vietnam hair vendors who have real photos, such as factory or staff photos.

Look for Vietnam hair vendors who have real photos of company and products

  • Be Wary of Extremely Low Prices:
    • You should be wary of a hair vendor which offers you unachievable discounts or unbelievable low prices. To avoid being scammed, conduct a market price survey.
    • Reliable Vietnamese hair vendors certainly will not give you a price that is too cheap compared to the market because quality often goes hand in hand with price.
  • Avoid Companies That Do Not Have A Brand: These businesses may not be reliable. A dependable hair vendor will at the very least register their company and have their own brand name.
  • Look for Customer Feedback:
    • Dependable Vietnamese hair vendors must receive many good reviews from both domestic and foreign customers.

Look for Customer Feedback

    • If the vendor is too new or fraudulent, it will find it difficult to obtain positive feedback from satisfied buyers. Legitimate hair vendors should have received some, if not all, positive customer feedback.
  • Look for Additional Contact Information: Only trust Vietnamese hair vendors who have their websites, social media channels, or other means of contact. A scammer may block you after receiving your payments. It’s better to look for hair vendors which have other online presences.
  • Beware of Vietnam hair vendors that do not have customer protection policies such as return and refund policies. If their products are of good quality, they will not hesitate to refund or allow you to return goods if their product is defective.
  • Be wary of Vietnamese hair vendors who are not willing to video call you. Hair vendors that always avoid your video calls are most likely scammers

Look for Vietnam hair vendors who have real photos of company and products

5. Vin Hair Vendor – The best Vietnamese hair vendor with the greatest deal for you

Vin hair vendor is one of the best wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam and exceeds other enterprises in every way. Let’s see what make them special in this part.

5.1. About Vin Hair Vendor

Vin hair vendor has been in business for more than ten years, and they have invaluable knowledge and a sharp mind in both the local and international hair markets. The company’s headquarters are in Hanoi, while its hair facility is in Bac Ninh. Vin hair vendor commits to providing clients with the most delicate quality hair possible.


Vin Hair Vendor – The potential Vietnamese hair factory for hair distributors

The business was established not merely to make a profit, but also to help people feel better about themselves by improving their hair and overall look. If you want high-quality hair at an affordable price, you should come to Vin hair vendor.

5.2. Vin Hair Vendor is the best Vietnamese hair factory

Vin Hair Vendor is your most trustworthy and potential business partner in the worldwide retail and wholesale hair market.

  • Vin hair offers a wide variety of products, such as hair bundles, tape-in, tip hair, weft hair, clip in… The company has made a name for itself in the market for weft hair products because of the superior quality and affordable pricing it offers. They ship a lot of weft hair products to many African nations annually, with a focus on the Nigerian market.

Tip hair from Vin hair vendor


Tape hair of Vin hair vendor is always welcomed by European girls.


Tape hair from Vin hair vendor

Loose wavy hair from Vin hair vendor with even texture, shine and lasting curl.


Loose wavy hair from Vin hair vendor


Bouncy hair from Vin hair vendor is also a hot selling product.


Bouncy hair from Vin hair vendor

Here is jerry curly hair at Vin hair vendor. It is always of the highest quality.


Jerry curly hair from Vin hair vendor


Clip in hair is smooth, shiny and silky and has very reasonable price.


Clip in hair from Vin hair vendor

  • The origin of the hair indicates quality. Vin Hair solely sources its hair from women living in highland areas of Vietnam, where the climate is moderate and sunny all year round, in order to provide the best possible quality for its clients.
  • Vin hair vendor prioritizes quality over quantity, thus each hair is hand-picked by experts. Typically, hair is straight, lustrous, and black in its natural state. Hair can be dyed and styled effectively without damage.
  • Vin hair promises to provide the most competitive prices for premium Vietnamese hair extensions. Since Vin hair is one of the largest and most well-known wholesale hair manufacturers in Vietnam, having won several honors from the Vietnam government and other notable organizations both at home and abroad, you may rest certain that you have made a wise decision in working with them.

Come to Vin Hair Vendor, we care, we love and we will bring the best value for you.

5.3. Special Christmas offer from Vin Hair Vendor

Christmas is almost here, the sweetest things are coming!

Vin hair vendor is running a CHRISTMAS PROMOTION for all clients. From October 24th till November 7th: You will save $20/kg on purchases of 5+ kg, and $50/kg on orders of 10+ kg. All products are included in this discount. Where else can you get such a fantastic bargain?


Hot deal on Christmas from Vin Hair Vendor

Contact the Vin hair vendor through Whatsapp at +8435 6665661 (Ms Ella) right now to get the best deal offered.

6. Some tips to buy high quality at affordable prices from Vietnamese hair vendors

How to know if the quality of products that Vietnam hair vendors provide is good? Check out our suggested tips below

6.1. How to check the quality of products supplying by Vietnamese hair vendors

It is best if you can directly visit Vietnamese hair vendors to check the hair quality, if not, ask them to send samples of products.
There are several ways to assess the hair quality of the hair products:

  • Sink Test: The hair they provided is good hair if it floats on water. If it sinks, it indicates that samples are of poor quality. It is due to the fact that bad hair can absorb water.

Check the quality of products supplying by Vietnamese hair vendors by sink test

  • Pull Test: Pull the hair sample products from both ends. If it bounces back and stretches, these products are of high quality.
  • The Porosity Test: Take a hair strand and run it through fingers. It is of bad quality if it is uneven and rough.
  • With colored hair, if the dye remains on your hands when you stroke the hair, the quality of the dye is not good and the hair will fade quickly.
  • Product smell is also a determining factor in hair quality. You should not to work with Vietnamese hair vendors who supply you with hair products that have a strong and unpleasant smell.
  • Shedding test: If your hair falls out when you stroke or bang it hard, then the products provided by those Vietnam hair vendors are of poor quality.

Check the quality of products supplying by Vietnamese hair vendors by shedding test

6.2. How to get good deals from Vietnamese hair vendors

There are some notes for you when working with Vietnam hair vendors to get better prices:

  • The promise of a larger order if the first order is of good quality. This way, Vietnamese hair vendors can give you a discount.
  • Vietnam hair vendors often have sales to support customers, and they may each offer different prices. So don’t be afraid to work with different sales in the same supplier so you can choose the best offer.
  • Keep in regular contact with sales/representatives of Vietnamese hair vendors. If you have a good relationship with them, every time there is a sale they will notify you or prioritize your order.

7. Top the best Vietnamese hair vendors

Below are the best wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam which are well-liked by customers all over the world for their high-quality hair extension products and reasonable prices.

7.1. AZ Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

With over 15- year experience in the world hair industry, AZ Hair is considered one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors.

  • Products: their main products are bulk, weft hair, closures and frontals. They are famous for their superior quality of hair weft.

AZ Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Price: quite competitive, about 11.8$/100gr natural straight hair bundle 8-inch length
  • Policy: they accept Returns & exchanges within 3 days for specific terms.

Customers praise Az hair, one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors, for its high quality and superior service.

7.2. Mic Hair – One of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

Mic Hair is regarded as one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors that have focused on global trading of raw, virgin hair, and human hair for over ten years.

  • Products: Mic Hair mainly sells bulk hair, hair weft in a variety of lengths and colors. Customers pay close attention to Mic Hair’s weft hair.

Mic Hair – One of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Price: bulk hair costs about 7.7$ for 100gr, and other types cost from $12.9$ for 100gr.
  • Policy: Mic Hair accepts returns within 30 days except for customized orders.

Mic Hair consistently receives positive feedback from international customers. The majority of them are pleased with their hair extensions and think that their prices are reasonable for the quality. So, they regard it as one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors.

7.3. 5S Hair – top 1 in the best Vietnamese hair vendors

5S Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors to fulfill your requirements if you’re looking for superior-quality hair extensions.

  • Products: most hair extension types, excluding wigs. Hair weft is their best seller.

5S Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Price: inexpensive, in the low-price segment. Starting at $8.8 /100gr natural straight bundle 8-inch
  • Policy: they accept returns & exchanges under certain conditions if claims are made within 2 days of receiving products.

Feedback from customers: 5S Hair consistently receives positive reviews about their quality and services. Their disadvantage is the lengthy shipping time.

7.4. MCSARA – one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

MCSARA, which was founded in the 1990s, is one of the first and best Vietnamese hair vendors, offering high quality at reasonable prices.

  • Their main products are hair weft, clip and tape, tip in, and wigs. MCSARA is one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam, offering beautiful wigs.

MCSARA – one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Prices: quite reasonable, starting at $9.8 USD for 100gr natural straight bundle 8-inch length.
  • Policy: They accept returns under specific conditions.

MCSARA, one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam, provides hair extensions to customers all over the world. However, their international shipping is inefficient, resulting in lengthy delivery times.

7.5. K-Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

K-hair is one of the most well-known and best Vietnamese hair vendors who have been joining the international hair industry for a long time.

  • Raw hair and weft hair are the main products (bone straight, curly and wavy, closures and frontals). Each year, they supply the world hair market with huge volume of hair weft and raw hair.

K-Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Price: A little higher, starting at 11.4$ / 100gr natural straight bundle 6-inch length.

The hair quality of this best Vietnamese hair vendor is excellent, but the smell of their hair extensions is quite strong and unpleasant.

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